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My shed is my header by my son Darrell, He painted the Robin for me and said that it reminded him of me. Because Robins use other birds nest and if there is an egg in it, they will take care of it just like its their own. He said thats what I do, I have always taken care of others in need of a home when I come across someone in need. Isnt that Sweet, I had told him I wanted a bird and this is the one he chose. Robins have solid blue eggs which are the symbols for him and his brothers and the speckled egg are the others I have taken into my home. It was very touching to me because he researched his piece, He is a true artist and has lots of great jobs. my neighbor had hers done to

Monday, August 27, 2012


Sewing makes me be patient, in real life I am not ! Sewing makes me concentrate, something I rarely do .
Sewing makes me want to be perfectionist, but in real life I am definitely NOT! In real life I love stepping out of the norm, I am not competitive but I like a race.
Sewing has caused me to be neat and organized, and I am most definitely not in other parts of my daily life. 
I am not saying I dont like Sewing, I love it, all of it, making quilts, clothing, crafts and the love of cross-stitching. Its not a bad thing to cross over into what your not and being something your not sometimes. Something I dont like in my real life is being a procrastinator , is sewing making me procratinate?  
Do I do this because I am afraid of not being perfect, afraid to slash the stash.... I will have to wait and see, As I complete my large projects and put a few quilts over my love ones and me, then I will know if it was worth the wait and did I procrastinate or am I being a perfectionist? Or performing and developing my self esteem. 

I am a winner ! (We had 18 entries for the $75 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop and the winner is #7 Shirley! )I won the $75.00 GC from Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop, For my Zakka sew along last week. Thank you Lindsey Rhodes at LRstitched for being a great Host! please join us at this link for our last few projects , at http://lrstitched.com/ 


  1. Shirley, Procrastinate at will, it doesn't matter if the washing is a few days piling up, or may be the dust has settled a little too thick on the shelves... what really matters is all the love, care and attention that has gone into each and every piece that you have made, AND have done so with the recipient in your mind the whole time... The expression on their face when they see it should answer the procrastination question x J x

  2. Hi Shirley, just wanted to say hi from another person who is more patient while quilting then in real life. I think it is because I love doing hand work, although I do machine quilting when the need arises. Keep procrastinating. The quilts will be loved by your loved ones and it will be worth it. I have been procrastinating over 20 years and I am here to tell you the rest gets done somehow, sometime lol.

    1. Thats a Whoot !! Well I have 20 yrs I can spare..LOL

  3. Thanks so much for the comments on my blog! I agree comments are much more fun then email. I have talked myself out of using the fabric for that quilt lol. But I have another top in mind to use some of it. I always have 4 or 10 projects going at once and right now I am down to one and almost done with the top. So it is time to start a few more. lol