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My shed is my header by my son Darrell, He painted the Robin for me and said that it reminded him of me. Because Robins use other birds nest and if there is an egg in it, they will take care of it just like its their own. He said thats what I do, I have always taken care of others in need of a home when I come across someone in need. Isnt that Sweet, I had told him I wanted a bird and this is the one he chose. Robins have solid blue eggs which are the symbols for him and his brothers and the speckled egg are the others I have taken into my home. It was very touching to me because he researched his piece, He is a true artist and has lots of great jobs. my neighbor had hers done to

Saturday, May 3, 2014

SIMPLESEW PARTY BANNER Do it yourself Easy peasy

I Want To Share With You This Banner I made out of Lined Table Clothes.
I bought some colorful ones for Easter and they are reusable, I used all the table cloth, there was no waste and I will have it for the next party. 

First made a pattern for a Double sided Banner to cut on the fold, after awhile I didnt need it, but I suggest at first you use it to calculate size. 
I Tossed the liner in the Dryer to make it softer and more manageable

Cutting on the fold alternating angles 

This is whats left after the cuts are made, I attached them 

These are from the Pattern cuttings and after I got use to the Size I wanted, I just used my ruler 

I used jute and a zigzag stitch, stitching over the fold and I stapled the points. 

This is left over and I used them as one sided banners and stapled them to the fence after I attached them together with the thin scraps from the cuttings left from the banner using the rotery cutter, its nice and strong because the table cloth is serged.

 Here they are hung, I havent taken them down because they are pretty and it goes to the playhouse and were going to have a Princes Party with Mrs. Texas. I went to buy more table clothes because I want to make some small aprons for play and small picnic table clothes that fit a childs table. 

I always do plaster pari eggs with the kids, Liberty cant paint so I made one with her foot.. I painted the egg with chalk spray paint and then painted her foot with craft paint, it was fun painting those cute toes. 

Here are somethings we did to get ready for Easter

LillyAnn is thinking very hard here decorating her egg..

Here are some picnikers.. LOL
do you see scrap control in the back, she is white.. 
made jigglers, Dexter is a jiggler maker.

I made Easter bags for treats, I like to make something quick and easy and different every year for each grandbaby, I now have *8* YES.. AND they are all under 5.. 
I am getting a grip on this and quilting and sewing all kinds of things.. 
Gotta Run, half the kids just came in and blogging isnt what you can do and there isnt a nap time, I dont know how you full time Moms do it..
Happy Weekend



  1. Great Banner for Party's. Love how you sew smartly made this. Grandbaby cuteness times 8 is such a blessing. Creative Bliss...

  2. A Really great idea, I can't wait to see the Princess tea party pictures!

  3. fun!! i bet your grandkids never want to leave your house!!!

  4. That's s great idea , thanks for sharing, how lovely that the cousins are all similar in age! My girls are 19 & 22: they have UK first cousins age 36 and 40, and Australian first cousins aged. 5 & 7 - that's it!!! Luckily the Norwegians gave us a clutch of second cousins, all girls, all with a few years of our girls so they are the cousins that were childhood friends, but obviously only occasionally!!!

  5. So cool! I ran across so super cheap and lively table cloths at Target yesterday. I wouldn't let myself buy them because I didn't have an idea right then. maybe I should go back and look tomorrow. :)