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My shed is my header by my son Darrell, He painted the Robin for me and said that it reminded him of me. Because Robins use other birds nest and if there is an egg in it, they will take care of it just like its their own. He said thats what I do, I have always taken care of others in need of a home when I come across someone in need. Isnt that Sweet, I had told him I wanted a bird and this is the one he chose. Robins have solid blue eggs which are the symbols for him and his brothers and the speckled egg are the others I have taken into my home. It was very touching to me because he researched his piece, He is a true artist and has lots of great jobs. my neighbor had hers done to

Friday, July 6, 2012


Turnovers very traditional
I would love to hear from the Quilt Artist,,, what is your suggestion, Besides get better at blog building, My 2 sons are getting married in Sept, this year ! I want to make Quilts. Maybe Lap size would be the best. Have a great weekend...
I have an idea for a Friendship star with this brown marble

I found the Friendship pattern for Turnovers on YouTube from The Mountain Co. 


I do want to say that most of this fabric was purchased from Intrepid Threads and what you read about Julie is all TRUE.......
 I love Teal, Aqua, Tangerine, Blues and I am going to add alot of white........... My dream Quilt ...one day  !!

Chinney is always ready for new ideas if she gets to be included

Hoarding for a King Size Quilt for my Room


  1. Shirley,

    Any pattern can be made King size by adding more blocks or borders, so choose a pattern you like - and that you won't get sick of making before you get all the blocks done - and just make enough to fit the dimensions you want. A king quilt generally measures 108" x 108". (Once you get the top together, I would definitely send it to a long armer. I did a king quilt on my home sewing machine a few years ago and felt like I had wrestled a bear before I was finished.)

    One pattern you might look into for a quilt that big is Camille Roskelly's Swoon. The blocks are big (24" square) and they are not difficult, but they are a little bit tricky. The pattern works really well with FQ sized pieces of a lot of different fabrics.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the cool ideas, I love those huge blocks... I will definitly use a longarm for this project.