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My shed is my header by my son Darrell, He painted the Robin for me and said that it reminded him of me. Because Robins use other birds nest and if there is an egg in it, they will take care of it just like its their own. He said thats what I do, I have always taken care of others in need of a home when I come across someone in need. Isnt that Sweet, I had told him I wanted a bird and this is the one he chose. Robins have solid blue eggs which are the symbols for him and his brothers and the speckled egg are the others I have taken into my home. It was very touching to me because he researched his piece, He is a true artist and has lots of great jobs. my neighbor had hers done to

Sunday, August 5, 2012


My order from Freshsqueezedfabrics , it was the sale of the week, I have included the link. its pure loveliness, soft Bonnie and Camille, MODA. I love moda, its quality is superb. Ihavetosay is her blog and the fabric is from the Etsy shop, I havent utilized Esty for fabrics before, I have shopped from Intrepid Threads the first week she went to an online store.




This is the rocker my son and I completed for his Bride to Be, Sept 8, The picture doesnt do it great justice,but my glazing work was great. Our first time making cushions too.. Then my neighbor gives me a brand new 250.00 nail gun after our stapling experience hell.... 

Dexter my 2.5 year old grandson, So loving and so Busy..He came over to play and we went swimming, now watching NEMO>> for the 2nd time. 

Maybe I can stay awake longer than him and get my 2 sewing projects worked on .. YEA Right... I can hardly hold my eyes open to type this. OH ! well there is always tomorrow.. I would rather snuggle with him than a bread holder for my Zakka sew-a -long.. 

I gave in and Ordered some of the Kona patchwork, Intrepid Threads had a 20 % off Sale. I love it and my husband may make me sale my plasma, but I think this will be perfect for the 2nd son getting married in Sept.. NO, nobody is getting their Quilt completed by September.. But Oh Well .. 

What Can I do, I am use to it by now, 4 Grown Sons, Still Growing and like rabbits.. LOL.. 

Hope you had a great weekend, can wait to blog Mon and Tues.