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My shed is my header by my son Darrell, He painted the Robin for me and said that it reminded him of me. Because Robins use other birds nest and if there is an egg in it, they will take care of it just like its their own. He said thats what I do, I have always taken care of others in need of a home when I come across someone in need. Isnt that Sweet, I had told him I wanted a bird and this is the one he chose. Robins have solid blue eggs which are the symbols for him and his brothers and the speckled egg are the others I have taken into my home. It was very touching to me because he researched his piece, He is a true artist and has lots of great jobs. my neighbor had hers done to

Thursday, February 13, 2014


He didn't know what hit him!  I really had no plan.  I just knew I liked him as a person.  He made me laugh, think, and he was easy to talk to.  I didn't know much about him, because he didn't talk about his personal life. I later found out his story was a sad one.
I was an Asst. Manager at a grocery store, working 60 hours a week, 15 hours of driving, and raising two teenage boys on my own.  I was plenty busy.  He was the store’s Nabisco cookie salesman.  I would see him in the store about three days a week, but sometimes called him in to change a display just so I could see him.  I told myself I would marry him one day!
I met his son and offered him a demo job.  Now I could see him on the weekends for promotions when he brought his son in.  I still laugh today about the way he tells the story - how he would hide from me because I would find work for him to do so I could keep him in the store to talk and flirt with him.

After about 6 months he still hadn’t asked me out on date.  Hmmmm….I had other "boyfriends", but what’s with this guy?  I told my boss,"He isn’t taking the bait."  Well, Mr. Boss Man made a loud comment and now my cookie man knew.  Much later he asked me out for our first date.  He was so nervous.  We drank margaritas and he tried to get the courage to kiss me, but it didn't happen.  I scared him.  My personality is a bit strong, and he is very laid back.  We dated some, did things with the kids, but it took a year for us to become exclusive.  This is where it gets exciting……

I had an invite from another man to go out of town for the weekend. I’m thinking “What should I do? Should I go and maybe lose this friendship that I enjoy so much?”   So I called my cookie man and asked "Are you my boyfriend?"  He said, "I am not dating others, but I am not going to tell you what to do.”  This summed it up for me and guess where I spent the weekend?  With the cookie man!  It was funny.  I showed up with a over night bag and 2 coffee cups.  He was going to kiss me tonight.  LOL!

I later moved next door to him in the same apartment complex. It was close to my job. After awhile I told him, “We need to find a house to live together and get engaged.”  By then he knew if I said something, then that was the thing he was supposed to do!  So we bought a ring and he took me to a romantic dinner.The one thing I didnt tell him what to do.  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  He was so sweet and scared.  About 5 years later, right before Valentine’s Day 2007, I said, “Let’s go get married.”  No one knew except our dog.  We didn’t even tell the kids; they were at school.

While we were standing in front of the judge, she stopped the vows and said, “Matt you’re not marrying me, look at your wife.”  Poor thing, he was scared to death!

So on Valentine’s Day, after meeting in the year of 2000, I can say we are happily married and still very much in love today. The best thing about my marriage, besides being so spoiled by him, is that he isn’t a mushy, kissy, hugging kind of guy - but every day, and I mean EVERY day, he shows me that he loves me.  I can pass through a room and he will say, "Are you alright?"  And he cleans house!  I am a very lucky woman and feel so loved. We have been through “for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health”, and I’m happily looking forward to the rest...........

Last week I said, " I want to go to Greece and meet Mara at SECRETLYSTITCHING and he said ok. Go read her love story and if you have one to share link up and lets share the love for Valentines Day.



  1. Your love story is one of the sweetest I have ever heard! You both were so fortunate to find each other :)
    My story isn't as romantic - I was married for 6 years - had a 4 year old son, and got divorced. My parents moved out West and wanted me to move with them. We were all living in FL at the time. I said - sure - nothing was keeping me in Florida. So we both moved out to Washington. I met my husband at a night club. He asked if he could take me home - said, no - I always go home with my girlfriend. So he asked me for a date - and a couple of days later we went out. We dated for 4 months and got married. Everyone thought we were crazy - This Nov 10th we will be married for 35 years :)

    1. Thats the most romantic thing I have heard, 35 years... thats a record now days.. I heard on the radio a static now days if a woman gets married before the age 29 it has a 90% chance of ending in divorce. Thank you for the compliment, he is very talented and good to his mom.

  2. P.S. I love your son's painting of your Robin! He is so talented!

  3. I love happy ever afters. Helping each other through the ups and downs of life, being there for each other, respecting each other and always lots of love. Happy Valentines day to you both.

    1. Lyndsey, Thank you and Happy Valentines Day too you too....... Any tips? for lasting love?

  4. What a great story! No love story here, but I love reading them:) Happy Valentines Day!

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    1. Do you have a love story to share, spread the love xo

  6. A wonderful story, cookie man, so cute! I love Bonny's story too, a whirlwind one like mine, hope mine can last 35 years too.

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